Saturday, July 12

Spiritually Schizophrenic

I cannot deny that I have laid my hands on individual's heads and they have been healed.
That I have spoken, through the Spirit, what God Himself would say.
That I have witnessed miracles.
That I have heard the voice of God.


I cannot deny that I can feel pure and undefiled love for another man.
That more than anything, I want companionship.
That I can't make it through life alone.
That I am scared when I am alone at night.
That 'this' is a big, important part of me.  And that it is both real and good.
That if I could paint my dreams, they would like this:

How do I let one of them go?

1 comment:

  1. I can relate so much to this! You articulated it clearly and concisely, and it's so true. I wish there was an easier way to make the choice or some way to have both. There has to be some give and take to reach a harmony, cause it doesn't seem like we can't have both the way we want.

    Try and be authentic without losing your morals - I think that's the best solution (if you can call it that). I still don't have it figured out and I don't really know anyone who does.