Tuesday, June 30


Maybe there are times God commands his people to do more than they can do, and in giving their all, even in failure, God accepts their sacrifice.

Maybe God understands when we are hungry, and are tempted to steal.

Maybe God can accept a blemished offering.

Maybe it isn't blasphemous to not limit (but instead to trust in) God's mercy, His love and His understanding.

Maybe if I showed up with him at Church, Jesus would be waiting at the doors of the Chapel for us, smiling with open arms. Maybe He would sit next to us, and He wouldn't judge me for feeling good while holding your hand.

Maybe the search for love is natural, innate, and even godly.

Maybe people are more important than doctrine.

Maybe charity is greatest of these.

Maybe God loves 'us' as much as He loves me and you.

Maybe our detours are the straight and narrow path to him.

Maybe pure love really is unconditional.

But then again, maybe I'm wrong.


  1. Maybe people are more important than doctrine.

    Not maybe. DEFINITELY.

  2. "But then again, maybe I'm wrong."

    No, you're not.

    As youth leader within the church, I'm currently trying to counsel a young man who is struggling with acceptance of his sexuality. I wish I could get him to understand what you wrote here.