Monday, May 10


I've probably started about twenty blog postings. I usually don't get much further than one or two paragraphs before I start all over. I'm worried that I might be losing the drive to write and I hope that this blog doesn't fall by the wayside of sport's equipment, games, books and other toys that were only able to hold my attention for brief moments.

A while back there was a trend started on some of the other moho blog's to open up to their readers and have them ask questions -- either about topics to write or questions you have for me your author. Please send them to me, if you have any, and I'll write the responses to them next Sunday.

If you have access, email them to me at markersjohnson dot, or feel free to leave them anonymously on the blog comments section.

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  1. Mark,
    I want to know what your vision is for yourself 10 years from now. Where and with whom do you see yourself? I know it's kind of a big question, but if you do have some sort of vision, it will probably be where you end up.