Thursday, February 14

Following the Prophet

I'm sure many of you remember back in the Summer of 2006, the First Presidency had a letter read from the pulpit of chapels during Sacrament Meeting encouraging the membership of the Church to contact their political leaders regarding "our" support of the 'Marriage Protection Amendment.' As I looked through emails from the past, I stumbled upon my letter to my two Senators who took part in the vote.

As a missionary, I taught the importance of following our chosen leaders, even if we do not agree with their positions. I taught that the Prophet of God would never lead his people astray and that the First Presidency could never 'get it wrong.' And so, despite my obvious reservations, I sent this off. It was a difficult decision, one that was not made without pain or much thought. I chose to 'follow the prophet.'

I'm still wondering whether I did the right thing in shooting that email off. God require us to follow our consciences, He also requires us to follow His leaders--and when it comes down to it, even when we think they are wrong. I think that this is
the issue. What do you do when your heart tells you one thing, and 'God's mouthpiece' tells you another? What happens when they've gotten it wrong so many times before? Are we supposed to still believe that the doctrine they teach?


  1. I really don't think God can blame us for choosing something different in this instance.

    We could be considered exceptions to the rule. After all we aren't all supposed to be conservative Republicans are we?

  2. I am so glad that I'm not the only one who thought this. On my mission, I was outraged that they would take time in Sacrament Meeting to get us to be politically active on such a divisive issue. Then I realized I needed to humble myself and do what they said. After all, it must be really important if they took time out of Sacrament Meeting to announce it. I wrote the senators in the state where I served and in my home state (including Senator Obama) in support of the amendment.

    Now I have decided to think for myself, and I support gay marriage. I regret sending letters supporting such a terrible amendment that was clearly not constitutional or right. I have considered writing new letters withdrawing my first request, but decided that since the amendment already failed, I can let the issue go.

  3. Follow the Prophet, taught that since my parents joined the church in '72. I personally don't think the Prophet is right all the time. They are human after all. Perfect example is Brigham Young. He was a prejudice leader. Very charismatic. I dislike the new Prophet. I don't support him. I told everyone while Hinkley was the president, if Monson became the next leader I would have a hard time staying active. He is and I stopped going to church.

    The church, if inspired as they claim, does not sound convinced they know all the issues about gay marriage. The came out with the proclamation, to me, that was the human part of the church. The ultra conservative. The don't have the answers. Joseph Smith brought back personal revelation and a personal relationship with God. I am still waiting to FEEL the negative inspiration about all things "gay". I believe many things the church teaches as false. Many believe I am listening to the wrong spirit too. To that I say REALLY. I believe different so I must be wrong. I guess that is part of my struggle right now.

  4. not that its a big deal, my parents joined the church in 1977.

  5. They certainly haven't been right all the time.

    What do you do when your heart tells you one thing, and 'God's mouthpiece' tells you another?

    I say go with your heart, every time.

  6. I found it interesting that the text of your letter left out the most important part, namely that you had been asked by your church leaders to write a letter in support of their position. Pretending that it was your position and that your letter was spontaneous on your part is what the leaders of the church wanted you to do. To me, that approach was less than straightforward, even sleazy. The church should have known that.

    Whenever politics and religion get in bed together you end up with bad politics and bad religion.