Friday, June 20

Movies aren't supposed to end like this, I want a refund.

I've always been a true romantic at heart. I love chick flicks and love-songs--and for someone like me who is pretty inexperienced with love and such--I imagined my life would play out like one.

Now I'm a gay Mormon, so I wasn't expecting 'happily, ever after.' But history and literature are full of stories of unrequited love and lovers torn apart. I guess I was thinking something a little more along the lines of 'Romeo and Juliet'--with the love that sustained people through immense difficulties, but maybe without the double suicide.

If I learned one thing from the movies, its that things work themselves out in the end. Despite the hardship, or what you think is going on. Love has a greater design, working in the background to rescue the day and make all the sacrifice and hurt worth it. In Moulin Rouge, when Nicole Kidman tells Ewan McGregor that she doesn't love him, its because she doesn't want him to get killed. Even at the point when he tells her, "Thank you for curing me of my ridiculous obsession with love" we don't give up hope, because things will improve. He finds out the truth and they are able to share the feeling of love one last time.

That's how movies are supposed to end, but not like this:

With the good guy getting hurt bad. The guy with the big heart who gives, and gives, and gives getting completely screwed over. It's not supposed to end in lies, betrayal and absolute selfishness and uncaring. It's not supposed to end with someone being hurt so bad that nothing can make it right again. It's not supposed to end with the good guy's heart being broken and bruised for the whole story, only to be crushed once more in one final, awful scene. It's not supposed to end without hope, without reconciliation, without love.

Movies don't end like that. But why does life?

no hope. no love. no glory,

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  1. I watched the departed last night. It ended pretty badly for everyone...kinda like life. Life sucks, and has a few positive moments. given the negativity it is hard to look at those few positives.