Sunday, August 3

Yep, me too.

I saw this on and thought it was my secret, too.  Or at least wished that it was.  It bothers me that apparently every gay guy is a whore, because it makes me think that the Church might actually be right about the 'evils' and 'selfishness' of homosexuality--completely right.  What worries me more though is knowing that I probably am as much a whore (if not more) as everyone.


  1. So very many of the gays out there are going through a gay adolescence...and in some ways, it's hedonism at its best/worst.

  2. There's no reason why you can't be gay with values.

    You don't NEED to have sex with random people

    You don't NEED to do drugs that might lead you to having sex with random people

    You don't NEED to consume alchohol at a club

  3. Scott, you're completely right, the sad thing is, a goodly number of folks out there don't decide to follow what you suggest, true as it is.

  4. Every, eh? Well you need to meet some new people then.

  5. Not every gay guy is a whore! I'm not.