Thursday, December 4

Full Disclosure

In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to make clear a couple of things about myself:

I have done some incredibly stupid and slutty things... but, after numerous talks with my bishop I am on course to get my temple recommend back before the year is over... I still make mistakes and I am learning to overcome... but, I do want to go back to the temple, badly.

I firmly believe that the Gospel is true... but, I went two years on a mission without ever saying, "I know the Church is true."  I still have unanswered questions and pieces that don't fit.

When it comes down to it, I don't know where my final destination is.  I don't have any clear answers for myself or anyone else.  I'm just trying to walk forward.


  1. Congratulations Mark. Having just returned to the temple myself, I can tell you that the path back was worth it.

  2. I love you so much Markers and I'm excited for you :) Words can't express how happy this makes me.

    (P.S. I ACTUALLY commented on your blog. Are you proud?)

  3. Hi Mark

    great thoughts...the horny pictures do not help ( LOL)

  4. Mark! The picture...if I go on a porn binge tonight, it's on your head.

    ...but seriously, I'm glad you're satisfied with your direction in certain regards.

  5. Mark, I've been following your posts, and I just want you to know that I've learned a thing or two from what you've written.

    You probably don't think we have a lot in common, but I can relate. So I appreciate you putting yourself out there so the rest of us can learn from your thoughts and experiences.

    I know we're not the closest of friends, but I will gladly sit next to you in the celestial room the next time we find ourselves together in the temple. In fact, I'll probably have to fight for the seat. No doubt you'll have a throng of friends vying for it...