Thursday, December 18

Lookin' for someone?

What I can offer...

1. A credit score of 791
2. My mission president's wife told me I would make a great mother some day
3. I'm mildly photogenic (we might have a shot at nice wedding pictures)
4. A positive cumulative net worth
5. A sense of humor
6. I'm playful
7. A college degree from one of the nation's top schools
8. A MacBook Pro
9. The complete Backstreet Boys collection

10. Everyone will think that you're the better looking one
11. I have 10.5 size shoes (and you know what they say about guys with big feet)
12. I fall in love quickly, and devote everything

13. I look cuter in the dark
14. A testimony of the Church and a love of God
15. A clean driving record

16. I'm sensitive
17. I'm great with children
18. I'm a good listener
19. I'm a return missionary
20. I'm well-traveled and well read
21. I have low standards
22. A large social circle of friends
23. I'm not into video games
24. Even if you're fat, I'm so thin our kids might still have a chance

25. I'm fine being either the big or little spoon
26. I can draw a vagina with my eyes closed (not sure if this is a benefit or not)
27. I have very limited experience with kissing/relationships (you can teach me how you want to do it!)

28. A big heart
29. I get turned on by turning others on
30. A trust fund

31. Tons of frequent flier miles
32. Perfect teeth
33. A high sperm count (I'm just guessing on this one...)

34. Let's be honest, we both know there are much uglier people out there than me
35. I believe in true love
36. A lot of room to grow
37. Employee rates on a mortgage through Wells Fargo

Anyone interested? If you are, leave a comment with contact information and your intentions, I'm ready to start planning my life with you.


  1. You forgot to add "rarely an average smile -- they're almost always crazy/exceptional."

    That's a definite selling point.

  2. I feel like I have seen this before somewhere or something. And I have to say, it's a compelling list even before comparing it to the rest of the gay community.


  3. Since when are size 10.5 feet big? I was wearing shoes that size when I was 10!!!

  4. I didn't mean to be looking for someone, I was just reading the circuit. BUT. Your teeth ARE perfect and your list is fantastic. You've sold me.

  5. Very are rather perfect, except for the fact that you are mormon....