Wednesday, April 1

Don't be pissed.

Happy April Fool's Day.


  1. ...I had a feeling it was an April fool's joke but I wanted to play it safe just in case it was actually true.

  2. It gets funnier the more I process it. :)

  3. I didn't quite get it--until I came back up to the top and was re-reading. April 1st has huge significance to me because my gay "ex"'s birthday is April 1st.

    I noticed your post about lack of hope. Been there, done that--how many times over my situation and the pain I felt over my gay husband's situation.

    Not to "influence" you in any way, but I thought you might find this book enlightening:

    Falling Into LifeTag Archive for falling-into-life archive at moesey

    That is the address I copied down that I go to--it is a book just completed by a gay friend of mine.

  4. Whoops--that didn't work. How about

  5. Aw MAN! How the heck... I was taken again.

    Dang it, everyone has been pranking me!

  6. church courts are not a joke. They are not funny. Sorry for your struggle, but decide to be happy and stop being addicted to your pain. Be in the church or not be. You are wasting precious time in your life. Get on with it.